comes from a passion for beer

Maisel’s Weisse uses only the finest ingredients such as exceptionally soft spring water from the nearby Fichtel Mountains, genuine Bavarian hops, premium brewing malts and – most importantly – our unique pure culture yeast. We brew our beers according to the Reinheitsgebot – the Bavarian Purity Law – and will continue to do so in the future.

We take great care to ensure that Maisel’s Weisse has all the time it needs to develop its distinctive aroma. To achieve this, we employ a special process that we call “Bayerische Edelreifung”. In this second maturation phase, an extra portion of fresh yeast is added and Maisel’s Weisse is given enough time to fully mature. This is something that beer connoisseurs appreciate because they understand that it takes time to brew a Maisel’s Weisse – and it is worth the wait.

Maisel’s Weisse’s unique taste comes from more than just the finest ingredients and the gentle and environmentally friendly brewing process. This premium quality specialty beer is the result of exceptional craft brewing – after all, employees who love their product have a genuine understanding of quality and a desire to produce at a consistently high level.

Jeff Maisel mit Hopfen
Hopfenernte mit Jeff Maisel

Sustainability and the environment

Sustainability and environmental protection are cornerstones of our philosophy at Brauerei Gebr. Maisel. “Our region and our heritage are very dear to us,” explains Marc Goebel, Director of Brewing Operations.

“We also take our responsibility for the environment seriously in everything we do and we use our resources in the most responsible way.” We have already taken numerous measures to reduce our consumption of energy and resources. In collaboration with IfE GmbH – the Institute for Energy Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden – we created a total energy concept to analyze and optimize our energy supply. Our brewery is part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact and the Bayreuth Climate Region.

Die Braugerste als Rohstoff